Late Summer Trends to Bring you Into Fall 2017

August is here, and it’s always an exciting time!  Summer clothes have a few more weeks of fun in the sun and then they’ll be headed back to our closets for another few months,  to make room for fall trends and pumpkin-spice lattes.   Here are our late summer trend picks that will help ease that transition into fall:

Peace, Love, and Fashion

The trends for late summer and early Fall 2017 are all about the 1970s.  This back-to-the-70’s stuff happens pretty often in fashion, because let’s face it —  it was a pretty exciting time,  but this season is hitting 1970’s extremely hard.   The fall fashion shows are all about disco attire to western wear, florals to neutral plaids, and fringe and glitter everywhere. Bonus points if you can include some power red and chocolate brown into your wardrobe.

Sure, we’re not old enough to have gone to the disco, or worn bell-bottoms to Woodstock, but we’ve seen “That 70’s Show” enough to know that we love how fun the looks can be! (Shout out to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, our favorite celebrity couple of all time!)

The 1970’s have been back all year, and as proof, I present to you Exhibit A, that romper trend of Early Summer that no one’s forgotten about. The most interesting decade ever is continuing to bring us trends in a hard way in fall, with the addition of dresses, pants, and some really groovy outerwear. Here are our top five Fall 2017 Trends, and they’re way fiercer than what’s in your mother’s closet:


1. Power Red

Remember that saying that “blondes have more fun?” Thanks to mermaid and ombre hair, that might not be true anymore, but a gal in red can still get whatever she wants. Put on a few of these red beauties, and enjoy your newfound power. Try adding an oversized coat for cold weather, or a jacket complete with broad shoulders for the workplace.

Off the Shoulder Red Jumpsuit, $62.00

Red Cold Shoulder Dress, $62.00

Corinne Bracelet in Red, $12.00

Pom Pom Tank, $38.00



2. Glitter Everything

Disco is back in a big way, especially with our millennial adoration for glitter. Bring on sparkly dresses, coats, accessories, and even boots,  pair with super fab accessories, like these lightning bolt earrings, and go for a night out with some girlfriends on the dance floor! For bonus points, add tons of sparkles into your eyeshadow or lip balm.

Bolt Earrings, $18.00



3. Fringe Festival


Fringe is still hanging on as a trend, and not by a thread, either. With how adorable and versatile these pieces are, we think it might last for another decade or so!

Foldover Suede Fringe, $95.00

Denim Fringe Choker, $18.00

Neon Striped Fringe Clutch, $55.00



4. Fab Florals

Florals used to look like your grandmother’s couch, but now you’ll look like the hottest couch ever! Try replacing your romper or sundress with a maxi dress for fall. Add a high slit for some sex appeal, and go off the shoulder to stay on trend. Try pairing with a choker or some bohemian earrings. You can even add a cowboy hat and boots, because the western trends are super hot this season.

Flower Print Maxi Dress $45.00

Floral Mustard Off the Shoulder Dress $52.00

Spirit Floral Double Layered Necklace $45.00




5. Beautiful Chocolate Brown

Brown is definitely the color of the season and should be worn on everything, but especially accessories! The more beads and fringe, the better.  We recommend buying these three little guys that can be worn with literally anything.

Brown Single Wrap Beaded Bracelet, $10.00

Peace Out Charm Bracelets – Brown $12.00

Brown Wrap Tassel Bracelet – $16.00


Hope you guys loved reading about these trends!  There were so many new trends for us to choose from!  Stay tuned, because future posts will bring you some more Blogs We Love, the rest of the 2017 trends, and some more 1970’s fun!  Peace out!


Mulberry & Grand

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