Happy Holidays From Emily & Team!

What is your favorite holiday tradition? My favorite holiday tradition is going to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve with all of the family; so many fun and insane memories from those nights. I’ve been going every year since I was born, and hopefully will continue for many more years to come.

What item would you be most excited to receive for Christmas, but would never ask for? A vacation to somewhere warm and sunny. Although, I’m 110% certain that I ask for that everyday.

Do you wear PJs to open presents or do you wear a special outfit? Of course PJs, and of course matching with my cousin and niece. Also, my kids wear matching PJs.

If you were to gift something from M&G to a friend who has everything what would it be? Our new vegan wallet that says “Be F-ing Nice” – everyone needs one of those!

Most memorable moment of 2017 personally: These moments have definitely come from my kids and watching them grow so quickly. I was so proud to watch my son start swimming by himself. I was so excited and proud of him that he actually said, “Mom, stop being so proud of me.” Haha! From my youngest, it has been hearing him flourish talking over his super talkative older brother; even though most of his conversations end in potty language. These little things have been most memorable for me this year.

Most memorable time of 2017 professionally: It was so much fun for me to open our San Francisco store, and to actually be there on opening day. I was surprised that so many people had actually seen our stores in New York, and that was really exciting.

Goals for 2018 personally: My goal is the same every year, and that’s to go to the gym at least once.

Goals for 2018 professionally: Crashing the internet.


A note from Emily

We want to thank all of you for letting us continue to do what love & create pretty things!We are so grateful for your support of Mulberry & Grand. We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday!

xox Emily


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