What is your “title” at M&G?
Ecommerce Manager. My main focus is to grow M&G’s online world. I also head up all of our visual content; whether that be social media, the look of our site, and any other online content!
Take us through a day in the life at M&G in your shoes. Do you have any routines or rituals you find important?
To piggy back on Natalie’s answer, no two days are the same here at M&G! On any regular day you can find me taking (lots ‘o) pictures, laying out our social media calendar, drafting up different emails for our newsletters, planning logistics for upcoming photo shoots, & drinking & eating a crap ton of coffee & snacks!
What did you go to school for?
Fashion Design at O’More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee.
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What’s your background & how did you end up where you are now?
I’ve always wanted to work in fashion, and I knew I wanted to know the fashion industry from every perspective. I started out sewing from a young age, went to school for fashion design & merchandising, worked in retail management & merchandising for 8 years, moved into designing for a women’s contemporary brand, and now I’m in ecommerce. A lot of people might think that’s a big jump or a major change. The way I look at it is, with being able to have all of these experiences I’ve been able to learn so much that it only gives me a better understanding for any new opportunity I take on.
What’s your favorite thing about your job?
Working with women that you can bounce ideas off of! I’m definitely a creative mind, where being a solo act is something I’m comfortable with. I have learned that having a simple conversation, & brainstorming with others, can birth such amazing ideas. I’ve possibly limited myself in the past just because I’ve been stuck in my own ways. I believe seeing different perspectives is such a crucial ingredient in being creative & growing a business.
What’s the most challenging thing about your job?
Technology, even though that is 99% of my job- ha! Technology, within the fashion industry specifically, is constantly changing at a rapid pace. And you have to be on top of your stuff to be able to keep up and be on top!
What’s one thing that surprised you in your path up until now?
That everything that my parents told me is actually happening. And not that I didn’t believe them; I have just recently noticed everything coming to fruition. Like… you become more sentimental as you get older, you begin to care less of other’s opinions as time goes on, I’m willing to spend a couple of extra dollars for convenience, and my knees are sagging.
What’s the last photo you took on your phone?
This one! Our offices are in Chinatown and there is one wall that has this quote from a song by The Smith’s. People are always stopping to take pictures in front of the mural, but I’ve never actually stopped long enough to snap one for myself. I love how this person stepped in front of my shot- it made it much more interesting than I was intending it to be.
What do you wanna be when you grow up?
So many things. I want to run my own business. I want to be a mom. (This is the scariest of them all, because I have yet to be able to picture myself as a mother) Oh, also, I would like to be on Forbes 30 Under 30, but I’m running out of time so we might have to skip that one.
What would your autobiography be called?
The Most Extroverted Introvert You Have Ever Met In Your Whole Entire Life
Tell us something weird about yourself.
Not that I believe in zodiac signs- at all, but I’m a true Virgo to the core. & if that isn’t weird enough for you- I don’t use conditioner, but I think I should start.
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