Looks we LOVE for Valentine’s Day

Looks We Love Valentine's Day

The big day is approaching and whether you’ll be spending time with your special someone or having cocktails with a bunch of single girlfriends (we highly recommend doing this, along with a ton of cheesecake)—  you’ll want to look fabulous.

Your look should be romantic, flirty, and powerful, especially if you’re celebrating being single.  Bonus points for incorporating reds and pinks into your outfit (we love color coordination!)

Here are some of our favorite inspirations for Valentine’s Day Looks:

Shop the Look:

Hoop Tassel Earrings in Burgundy  $10.00

Double Hoop Pearl Tassel Earrings in Metallic Fuchsia $10.00

Crystal Cluster Drop Earrings in Rose Gold  $10.00

Rose Quartz Stone Necklace $45.00

Burgundy Sequin Dress   SALE $23.20

Chloe Dress  $75.00

Beaded Blossom Clutch in White $54.00

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Mulberry & Grand


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