Highlight: Jackalin Cardona

Black History Month was introduced in the U.S. in 1976 as a way to honor the many achievements derived from the African American community. Though it dates back over 40 years, African Americans continue to break barriers present day. Here at Mulberry & Grand, we’re committed to diversity within our workplace and value that in our customers. On that note, we’d like to expand on this idea of diversity, and highlight a few members from our team that are living out their most fabulous dreams!

Introducing, Jackalin Cardona!


What is your role at Mulberry & Grand?
I’m the Assistant Manager for our Columbus Circle location. My role includes merchandising the store, working on new ways to increase sales, and build customer relationships. Remember… happy customers always come back!
Tell us a little about you and your family’s heritage. 
I was born in New York and raised in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. Currently, I’m going to school for my bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Small Business & Entrepreneurship. (The longest degree name ever. I know. Ha!)
I grew up in a Latino househould. My mom is Honduran & my dad is Guatemalan. They both came here in their early twenties with the intentions of creating a better life for our family’s future generations. They’ve shown me that our culture is important to value, & family comes first. Also, my mother has taught me that it’s good to be open to new things & people.
Even though you were raised in America, I’m sure your upbringing was a mix of the different cultures from your parents. What are some traditions that you appreciate that you will always carry on?
The tradition I will care on is cooking Sunday dinners together. My parents have shown me that cooking helps with communicating with others and create a tighter bond with the people you’re cooking with. I, also, always look forward to my dad’s empanadas that he makes every Sunday. It’s one of my favorite things in the world!
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was 2 years old I would pull the drawers out of my mom’s cabinet to help me climb and grab her lipsticks & blush. I would put it all over my face, and felt so pretty! Since then, I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry, & also to keep the lipstick on my lips only. (ha!) I want to create my own beauty line that benefits everyone. Every shade & skin type. Everyone will have something for them.
What women in your life inspire you to follow your dreams?
The women that inspire me are Rihanna, Lilly Singh, & Desi Perkins. Rihanna inspires me to create my own beauty line because once Fenty hit the shelves, they had 40 shades of foundation & beautiful highlights & contours. For other brands, they limit their shade ranges & that isn’t benefiting them or their customers. Rihanna did it in one shot & didn’t make anyone feel as they were an afterthought.
Lilly Singh motivates me to work hard and practice GIRL POWER! In the time we are in, us as women have to stick together & empower each other.
Desi Perkins was the first Latina beauty YouTuber that I could connect to. She has inspired me to be creative & try new things when it comes to fashion & beauty.


New York is a very progressive place to live in; as it comes to equal rights. Do you feel like you face any issues of inequality because of your race or gender?
Luckily, working for Mulberry & Grand, I have never felt less than anyone because of my gender or race. In my previous employment, I’ve dealt with inequality because of my gender. Not getting a position because I’m not a male or getting the position and seen as bossy and not receiving the respect I deserve. I feel as long as you’re working hard, & you have the skills to move up then your race or gender should be a factor to your success.
Why do you think it’s important for our country to recognize and celebrate Black History Month?
It’s extremely important because cultures have to be celebrated for their achievements. I feel as if it should be a requirement to learn and appreciate black culture for everything it is.
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