Women’s History Month with Emily Guggino

Our team, at M&G, is made up of a lot of women! What women in the world, or in your personal life, do you look up to most? 

M&G is made up of a lot of women, and I’m most proud of the diversity of our team.  

I am in constant awe of Michelle Obama, she is so inspirational; both as a professional and as a mother.  I, also, really admire Malala Yousafzai for her incredible activism and journey, even at such a young age. I hope to make an impact like both of these women one day.

My mother gave me a strong sense of feminism, and I pull a lot of my strength in my hopes to not let her down for all the work she did to forge equity for women in the workplace.  She was a young mother, who moved from Canada to pursue her dream as a research scientist. She had three kids. She ran her own research lab, fought for constant grant funding, and made an awesome strawberry rhubarb pie!  She was always like the cat in the hat balancing a million things between work and home. But she also constantly struggled in a male dominated industry , and just generally cut throat world of science; so she taught me a lot about how to navigate and fight for what was right.

You are a mom, wife, & business owner. With a house full of boys, what do you want to teach to them about women power?

It’s really important to me that my boys respect and value women as equals, and the best way for them to learn is through example. 

My kids are young, so I’m trying to be really mindful about how I say things to them. For instance, instead of “help mommy clean the table” I say “let’s clean the table.”  But they are already saying things like “mommy you’re a girl so you have the pink one,” or not wanting to watch “girly shows.” My son’s best friend (aside from his brother and cousin) is a girl, so I’m trying to encourage him to play with her a lot, since I already see this division.  

What are some of your favorite businesses that are ran by women that inspire you?

Kendra Scott, Spanx, Dry Bar, Ban.do, Blue Mercury, Learn Vest, & Nasty Girl to name a few. Thankfully, there are so many great women operated businesses with such inspirational stories to pull inspiration from.


Owning your own business definitely gives you a platform to set the tone of your own business model and voice. What’s something that you hope your customers take away from shopping at M&G?

I’m working on growing the business, so that we can be a platform for change.  We are already making sure that a big part of our business is giving back to our community and helping to make the world a better place.  That’s the ultimate goal. We’ve supported the Syrian refugee crisis, and different women’s organizations. As the company grows, so will our impact to these causes.

Given you are constantly running between stores, kids’ play dates, & meetings, do you have any moments to yourself that you always make sure to work into your routine?

To be honest, but I’m working on it.  The last few years were extremely difficult with both kiddos being really young, and trying to launch M&G.  I had a lot of support from my mother and mother-in-law, and without them I wouldn’t have been able to do as much.  Also, with M&G I’ve created a really bright and creative team who are able take a lot of weight off of me and really grow the brand. So this is the time that I can start adding ‘me-time’ into the routine.

What do you think were your most important mistakes you’ve learned from? Professional and/or personally. 

I don’t think anything is a mistake, it’s all part of the process of learning in order to grow and advance.  And that goes for professional and personal.

If you could bring back one decade of fashion what would it be?

Isn’t everything in fashion right now?  We are focused on scrunchies, and bringing those back to the store.  So I’d say the 90’s.


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