Women’s History Month with Jasmine Mejias

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Jasmine, I’m 25 years old, and was born and raised in New York . I grew up in Queens, but moved to Brooklyn after graduating from college. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Berkeley College, and majored in Fashion Marketing and Management. I ended up at M&G because of my passion for styling and visual merchandising. I love that the company allows us to play around with the store display. I am currently working on starting a lifestyle blog by the end of this year, and for the near future I want to start a closet/home office organization business. I really love playing around with visuals, and making the most out of a small space.

Our team, at M&G, is made up of a lot of women! What women in the world, or in your personal life, do you look up to most? 

I really look up to my mom, she’s had a lot of obstacles in her life, but she never let that defy her. She is the definition of strong and I’m happy that she has passed that on to me.

I, also, really love Audrey Hepburn! Not only did she have an awesome sense of fashion, but she had a big heart. My favorite quote from Audrey was “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.”

So you’re very much a millennial. What are some issues within your generation that you are passionate about, or you feel like need light shed on them?

I believe all the issues and movements that are being brought up to light at the moment are very important. I would love to bring up the lack of extra curricular activities in our youth’s education. Students should have access to these programs free of charge so that struggling families don’t have to worry about their children being in the streets after school. Extracurricular programs help children develop skills that they can use throughout their life, and that is super important to me.’

What are some mistakes you’ve had in the past that you have learned from?

Some major mistakes I’ve made in the past that I’ve learned from, is not taking advantage of opportunities that were put on the table for me, because I was scared of what the outcome would’ve been. I also have learned to stand up for myself. I had many cases of being taken advantage of from friendships, relationships, and jobs. As of now I stand stronger then ever, and speak my mind when something doesn’t feel right.


If you could go back to when you were just leaving high school, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I wish I would’ve told my young self to take a year off before deciding what career path to take. I jumped into college really quick, and I felt like I was not focused throughout my studies.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

The best advice I’ve ever gotten came from my brother. That advice is to travel! He believes that traveling to other countries will nourish and open your mind, It is the best way to learn. I’m currently planning a trip to Europe for 2019!

Why do you think it’s important that we honor Women’s History Month?

We should honor Women’s History Month, because women have done so much to change the world. Sojourner Truth who gave the speech  “Ain’t I a woman?” to explain women’s equality, and Susan B. Anthony who campaigned against slavery, and women’s and workers rights. How badass are we!  

Tell us something weird about yourself.

I enjoy cleaning on my free time. (Yes, we agree that’s weird.)


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