Happy Holidays & a New Year! xo- Emily

How do you plan on celebrating the holidays this year?

We are so busy during this time, but it’s all about family. So, I really try to squeeze in as much time as possible with my family.  After the New Year, I plan on spending some much needed time with my boys. Hopefully we can all unplug and recharge for a while somewhere warm.

What is your go to gift this year from Mulberry And Grand?

I’m loving our vegan leather collection this year for gifts.  The card holders have the best sayings. For our teachers, we gifted them the “Make Today Count” also some family I gifted the “Sassy Since Birth” because literally they have been.  

How do you plan on winding down after this holiday season?

January is already turning out to be a busy month.  We are planning on moving into a much needed warehouse, and it’s market. So, I’ll be trying to get to as many shows as possible to bring new items into the stores.  But, I plan on squeezing in a nice warm trip to get me through the rest of winter. As per usual, we have nothing planned and will only know when and where the day before we leave, lol.  


Most memorable moment of 2018 personally:

This year was really a whirlwind. I was able to travel a lot this year, which really fed my soul.  Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London were definitely some of the places I enjoyed seeing the most. The most memorable moments always have to do with my kiddos, and it’s definitely the little things.  This year they became very close, best friends actually.  For instance- on weekends, especially, they refuse to leave each other. Their bond makes me really happy because I know when they grow up and face difficulties they will have each other to help them get through. It’s something that I hope and will make sure that they keep.

Most memorable moment of 2018 professionally:

We opened two new stores this year, and really grew Mulberry & Grand. When we opened the Park Central location, everyone who works and lives in the neighborhood, said they were so happy we had opened. That was a great day, and I knew instantly that store would be a great success!  

Our other Midtown location that we opened, on the most iconic street of New York, 42nd & 5th, was also really exciting.  Even though this location turned out not to be the best decision, we learned a ton and I can always say I took the risk and tried it.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

This year I have so many resolutions. Top of my list is exercising, as per usual.  Life and work always seem to lead me away from it, but I know I’m my most happy self when I exercise.  Other resolutions are to collaborate with more talented creatives, and to travel even more because some of our best ideas come from when we travel.


A note from Emily…

In February Mulberry and Grand will be four years old, which is a huge accomplishment.  Our ability to grow and create fun new products is only because of your support! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been on the floor of our stores every day meeting so many wonderful people, and learning where everyone comes from, and how they connect to Mulberry and Grand.  It’s really so special to have such a wonderful community of support. Without your enthusiasm and dedication to Mulberry and Grand, we will never survive. There are so many other places to shop, and we are 100% grateful that you love our products enough to choose to spend your hard earned dollars with us.  It’s the fuel that drives us to continue to do even better this year! From all of us at Mulberry and Grand, and our families,  we wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

Extra kisses!

Emily (@emilyguggino)

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