Highlight: Indee Etwara

Being a New York based company, we are apart of this huge melting pot of a city! Us, at M&G, count ourselves so lucky to be able to work along side men & women from all different walks of life. We love to honor & highlight diversity in our workplace whenever we get a chance. Excited to share with our audience a couple of our team members and how they are living out their most fabulous dreams!

Introducing, Indee!


What is your role at Mulberry and Grand?

I am currently a Sales Associate, and it’s something I’m very passionate about! I love being able to help people and meet new people from all over the world. I’ve built a lot of connections with some amazing customers that I’ll always hold close to my heart!

I ended up at M&G because I always walked past our Bleecker St. store and I loved how the store was set up, and it being such a store full of pink caught my attention! I love being able to  play around with the merchandise and explore my own creativity.

Tell us a bit about you & your background!

My background originates from a small country in South America called Guyana (part of the West Indies). Indo-Caribbean is more so how I describe myself because I am of Indian descent. Many wonder where I get my name from, and my dad actually named me after the Indie-500 NASCAR races- haha!

I was born and raised in New York! I’m the oldest of 5, making me like a second mom to my siblings. I just graduated from The High School of Fashion Industries. I’m now going to college for Neonatal Nursing; which is working in the NICU with premature babies. It’s a very emotional field, but I was a premature baby & so are my two baby brothers, and it just made me want to have a career in helping babies and being there every step of the way with them. The biggest goal in my life is  making it as a Neonatal nurse, and being able to move to California. I’m all about the sunny and warm weather!

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little, my dream was to always be a teacher or fashion designer. I was as most say the “Kim Kardashian” of my family- haha! I always had a passion, growing up, to dress up, and I was always into arts in crafts. It wasn’t until after I went to school for fashion that I realized that fashion was more of a hobby and creative outlet for me rather than a career.

The teacher part came from my mom being a teacher when she was in Guyana. When she came to the states, she wasn’t able to continue her dream because she had me! It was something she has always been extremely passionate about, and it just rubbed off on me. Being the oldest of 5 siblings always put me in a leadership role with my siblings, and put that that bug in me to help young kids.

Who in life inspires you to follow your dreams?

My mom inspires me to follow my dreams! That might sound very cliche, but growing up she’s always been my biggest role model. Her strength, courage and determination is something that has rubbed off on me. Being the first person in my family to go to college brings her to tears every time she thinks about it! She has always pushed me to focus on my education, but to never forget to live in the moment and enjoy life! She’s my other half; my best friend, even. I call her up for anything and everything- every day. Honestly, she’s probably tired of seeing my name pop up every hour- haha!

New York is a very progressive place to live in; as it comes to equal rights. Do you feel like you face any issues of inequality because of your race or gender?

I’ve grown up in New York all of my life, and I have never felt like I’ve faced any issues because of my race, but my gender… yes. Usually, when I go out with friends I’m the only Guyanese person everyone knows! So,  people are very curious to get to know me and dig up the roots of my past. Being a girl on the other hand is a very hard thing. I feel some people look at you as lesser than them or you can’t achieve as much as a man can. Women are strong and confident, and we could achieve just as much as a man and even more at times! I grew up with a lot of different boys in my family, and was always left out because I was a girl. This gave me motivation from a young age to achieve my dreams and prove to everyone I can do whatever I want.

Why do you think it’s important for our country to recognize and celebrate different diversities?

It’s important for our country to celebrate all walks of life because the entire country is a melting pot! We have people from all over the world that come here in search for something more in life. Everyone has a story, and it should be heard! Celebrating different countries and diversities means we are all coming together to shine some light on different places, and it helps bring our attention to things we never knew existed! It keeps us up to date with the world.


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