Mulberry and Grand is a curated collection of inspired accessories that husband and wife duo, Emily Guggino and Ayhan Kimsesizcan, fell in love with.  Most of the pieces are handmade, have natural elements such as stones, or are designed by them.

Their love story began when Emily stumbled upon Ayhan, selling his photography outside of the Guggenheim one sunny Sunday afternoon.  Over the years they have traveled around the world meeting artisans.  Their love of travel has introduced them to many artisans from across the world, and together with their own designs have created Mulberry & Grand.

Because we are a family owned small business we are super committed to our loyalists!  There are so many places that you can choose to shop, and we are completely grateful that you chose M&G.  This concept is truly a labor of love, and we hope that you find just as much inspiration and love from it as we do!


Shop our website at http://www.mulberry-grand.com.