Bloggers: NYCxClothes

Sister sisterrrrr! The most dynamic duo ever to hit the New York streets. Originally from Haiti these lovely sisters, Shelcy & Christy, moved to NYC in 2010 and make up the ever so chic team, NYCxClothes.  Their cool yet sophisticated vibe is curated into one of the prettiest Instagrams we've ever seen. Seriously their photos are like works of … Continue reading Bloggers: NYCxClothes

Bloggers We Love: Amanda Sorenson

Amanda is the perfect example of effortless style, jet- setter chic, & overall cool girl vibes all rolled into one person. Seriously there is no way you can't find inspiration from her blog or Instagram page. Between classic plaids, chunky sweaters, & (our favorite) her high waisted distressed jeans she covers it all - all … Continue reading Bloggers We Love: Amanda Sorenson